About Us & Bees

Our passion for nature and our role in helping to preserve it, accompanied by our friends the honey bees, inspired the concept of our family-owned company, Honey Thyme & Twine.  Our interest in honeybees was hatched years ago with our love for the health benefits of local honey, and the utilization of honey in foods, and with beeswax in all natural beauty and skin care products. This interest led us to apiculture classes, beekeeping studies and developing honey based all natural cosmetics. Needless to say, what began as a hobby soon became a passion. 

In 2021 we moved to Peebles, in Adams County, Ohio and started the business that is allowing us to put our passion for honeybees and beekeeping into practice. We started with six small honeybee colonies that have grown to hive capacity and are multiplying into additional hive colonies with each passing season.  We have sown a few acres of wildflowers and various clover species for our bees to forage and produce the sweetest of honey, and are also maintaining a growth of natural, allergy agitating plants to ensure our honey is high in tolerance building enzymes.

A strong colony of honey bees is unsurpassed in being nature's most successful pollinators. The honey that they create continues to be one of the best sources for reducing local allergies and is packed with health promoting nutrients and antioxidants. The waxes that honey bees produce are used in countless materials and beauty products in lieu of unfavorable chemicals produced in labs. The list of benefits from the existence of these incredible and intricate buzzing wonders is countless.

Our goal as a company is to do in small part what the honey bee has been doing in large part for centuries: produce and share all natural products from our community, with our community.

We are thankful for the interest and support we have received in this venture and we are excited to return the enthusiasm with responsibly produced local honey and affiliated all-natural products.